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    Launch a contest to fetch ideas and solutions from our creative crowd.

  • What We Do and How You Can Contribute?

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    Fetch innovative ideas/solutions

    Ideas can be generated outside of your team/company. The crowd has the potential to generate innovative ideas, solutions and insights in a much more efficient way. Companies can launch contests to receive ideas and solutions to problems they cannot solve internally.


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    Launch a contest

    Ask questions/run a contest to fetch solutions from our creative crowd of users from Uzbekistan and beyond. In addition, launching product campaigns can help companies get market validation and early feedback in the product/service development process. Clearly state your problem or need and define criteria and guidelines by which you will be choosing and rewarding the winning solution. After review we shall publicise your contest for the community to see and participate.

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    Become a problem-solver

    You're a bright and talented individual willing to help others? Contribute to the idea generation or problem-solving contests of small and medium companies and be rewarded for it. You may be a scientist, IT developer, designer or simply someone who is creative and innovative and you can use this opportunity to share your knowledge and skills and become a valuable member of society!

  • Our Best Solvers

    These are the star contributors on our platform! You can be one of them!

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    Bahodir Usmanov

    Bahodir is a professional web designer that has a six-year industry experience. His participation in numerous contests allowed him to garner success in five of those.

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    ⭐ Risolat Mahmudova

    Risolat is an intern in one of the leading marketing agencies and has been a vivid contributor to over six contests. Her creativity allowed her to top three of those contests.

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    Evgeniy Kim

    Evgeniy is an IT graduate who has participated in most complex contests related to software development. Excellent coding skills helped Evgeniy win in three contests.

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    Yulduz Farmonova

    Yulduz is a year three student at Business and Management factulty. She has been one of the most active contributors in various contests and has won in two of them.

  • Current Contests

    Become a valuable member of our creative crowd!

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    New Chair Design for a furniture company


    Create a product design for the new kitchen chair for a large furniture producer in Uzbekistan.

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    Website Design for a small coffee shop


    Design a website for the coffee shop 'Ensana' located in the heart of Tashkent city.

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    Participate in the survey


    We need your time and effort to participate in the survey that will take 10-15 minutes of your time.

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    Social Media article for an art-cafe in Tashkent city


    Write a compelling story about the newly launched art-cafe in Tashkent city area.

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    Social Media reel for a local clothing brand Uzataya


    Use your video editing skills to generate a vibrant reel for the young apparel brand Uzataya (Uzbekistan).

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